MY FINAL IRP (#4) !!:

Book title: I am nujood, age 10 and divorced
Authour: herself with the help of Delphine Minoui

Summary: This book is based on a true story and it's about a young girl at the age of 10 who is forced to wed to man 3 times her age. Her father who is very selfish basically sells Nujood to another family without her consent. Nujood lives with her husband and his family where she experiences sexual abuse and physical repetitively. This story is how she strives and finally decides to stand up for herself and asking for a divorce. This story is a very emotional, touching yet inspiring book that portrays the situations this young girl had to go through. I recommend this book to be read my moms and teenagers who want to connect and find out what girls these days are going through.

Our Presentation:

The prolouge:

Below is the prologue of romeo and Juliet, the prologue explains what will happen in the play, however it gives away the ending but the reason why the prologue is mentioned in the script is to give you a chance or the ability to create the play in your head and to think of how this situation has been taken place. I recited the prologue 2 times, the first time I think it was quite a fail as I skipped lines and messed up on the words, but at least I put my best effort into performing it that day. On the real day of our recitation test I performed the prologue and I thought I did quite well for a second try as I talked in a good pace and I knew all my lines so enjoy watching it :)

Try #2 :)

Try #1:(


Title of book: Dear John
Author of book: Nicholas Spark

Above is my independent 3rd IRP of the year, I am extremely proud of this one as it has given me the chance to express my thoughts and give my full reasoning and opinion on a book. This book is a romance novel that is written by the famous Nicholas Sparks. This love story is about a young girl who quickly falls in love with a guy who is involved in the military, because they aren't around each other often, John has to live away from Savannah so their love grows weak each time, thy've decided to exchange letters to keep in touch and to always know what the other person's up too, but it isn't to long until they realise....

Yes it's a to be continued, please read this book I highly recommend it to people who are teenagers and even adults, so ya give it a go :)

My own Sonnet!

For homework and class we made a sonnet that implies the rules of having 10 syllables on each line with a rhyming pattern. At first making the sonnet was quite difficult, but as I kept going I was able to express my thoughts and make them into an interesting piece of poem. The sonnet I wrote is about my brother and the relationship I share with him, it shows my feelings towards having a brother like him and small facts about us. The reason why I picked to make a sonnet on my brother is to portray love in a different way. For our last unit of the year we are doing the play Romeo and juliet, so i thought I would show love but in a different perspective. I love my brother so very much and hope you enjoy it :)

-Brenda Tinnemeyer-

July thirty first when I first saw you.
Fragile as a feather, soft and harmless
Your smile brighter than the sun, changed the view
Words filled your laughter, your smile so toothless
Years swift between us slowly as you grow
Laughter decreased between us as we raged.
Bickering and fighting away we go.
You are different. Is this because you’ve aged?
Yes, baby brother, we fight to embrace
But hold on tight as I here shall protect
All I ask, provide me with care and grace
And you, my brother, I shall not neglect.
We have countless arguments, yes, it’s true
But I am here to say that I love you.

Independent reading project 2:

Our Video presentation on the book 'Boy'


Title: 'Boy'

Author: Roald Dahl

The Story: The book boy written by the famous author Roald Dahl is a story containing Roald's childhood memories and of course the bad ones. All the stories and memoreis in this book is factual information that has impacted Roald's life as a kid as he decides to share his wonderful memories that created his child hood around the world.

My group and I have decided to show a scene where Roald and his friend Twight decided to pull a prank on the candy shop lady Mrs Pratchett by putting a dead rat into one of the candy bars. This scene portrays the consequences given to Roald and his friend for doing this prank and also shows some memories back in the day where Roald was quite the prankster.


Independent Reading project #1,Title: L.A Candy

Author:Lauren Conrad

The story:

A girl called Jane takes an Internship in L.A so she could take a further step in her ambition, which is becoming star in her own T.V show. She had company from her best friend Scarlett. Along the way she ends up getting what she wants, but can she handle the media world or will she give up her dream and go back to her normal life?