This is our Irp quarter 4, where we discuss a classic novel written by Ray Bradbury. It is situated in the future, about a fireman, who burns books instead of setting out fires. But everything goes wrong when he starts wondering why the society starts hating the book and starts decaying, and things worsen as he tries to take action by reintoducing books to the societies.

This is our debate about whether Friar Lawrence from Romeo and Juliet deseverd to be guilty or free of charge. Even though he married a couple which could have potentially stopped a bloody feud between two families, he did indeed result in lots of deaths of people from both families, and also did some illegal actions. Is he innocent or guilty????

Salvador DAli is an mordern artsits. He has several paintings which are supposed to represent scenes from Romeo and Juliet. What are the meanings of these crafty paintings. Lets find out!!1

Travel Article

This travel article is about my project week trip to Cambodia where i got to see the beautiful temples of Cambodia especially Angkor Wat, and learn about their cultures.

Foundation - Isaac Asimov



The story is a Psychiatrist Hari seldon who predicts mankind will go into Barbarism. But he has a plan to reduce the amount of time for which this will happen. 100 years later all the people who support his plan are on a desolated, resourceless planet terminus, which is under constant threat from neighboring plants. How the people of Terminus deal with the pressure and threat is what this books about.