Quarter 3 IRP Podcast

To Kill a Mockingbird Unit

Character Poster:


To Kill a Mockingbird- Open Mind Poster

During class, we made a poster of the qualities of different characters in the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, through an image of a brain/mind.

Quarter 2 Travel Article

The Australia project week trip was a mostly camping trip where we traveled around Kakadu National Park where we had the opportunity to discover aboriginal culture, hike many mountains with spectacular views of the natural scenery, and swim under and above many waterfalls. We were also given the opportunity to have narrative road trips and toured boat rides of the rivers.

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: Stormbreaker

Author: Anthony Horowitz

The story ....
14 year old British student, Alex Rider, is notified that his only living relative he has known, his uncle Ian, died in a car crash, but everything about the mysterious death of cautious Ian not wearing a seat belt was suspicious. Alex decides to investigate into the subject himself where he figures that Ian wasn't the ordinary banker he claimed to be: he was an MI6 spy, just like James Bond. Alex Rider is recruited by the same employers that sent his uncle to the death to continue the work Ian couldn't succeed, to investigate multi-millionaire Harold Sayle.


Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title: Ender's Shadow

Author: Orson Scott Card

The story ....
While the human race is constantly under threat of attack of extraterrestrial beings, namely the Buggers, the humans begin their training for their next napoleon to lead their fleets to victory over the galactic war. Bean was a boy living on the streets scavenging the wastes of others to find food, when he was brought to battle school to learn the way of commanding and where he meets genius child, Andrew "Ender" Wiggin...