DEBATE ON FRIAR LAWRENCE : Chelsea, Rin, Maria, Karl

We argued on whether Friar Lawrence was guilty or not on Romeo and Juliet's death.
I was on the defending side with Chelsea that he was not guilty. Below is a video
on the argument

IRPQT4-Amanda, Chelsea, Mana, Rin

For the past few weeks me and my group mate have been reading
this book called the "OUTSIDERS" By S.E.Hinton. Then we did a
discussion among ourselves about the book.

This is our "script" for the discussion on our book.


  • C: As you guys know, the book we’ve been reading these past weeks is one of S.E Hinton’s best-selling novels, “The Outsiders”.

  • A:“The Outsiders” is about the violent feud between two gangs; The Greasers and The Socs. The story is told through the view of the young and naive 14 year old boy, Ponyboy Curtis who is thrust into the world of gang violence and discrimination, a world he desperately tries to flee. Much like Romeo and Juliet, ‘The Outsiders’ revolve around the rivalry of two main groups.

  • M: Oh, I like Greasers much better! They are one of the main “gangs” in the novel, right? I like how they got their name from! Haha

  • A: Yeah!! The Greasers are lower-class, eastside people. The name Greasers come from the tendency to style their hair in a long manner with an excess of Grease. They do this because most of them cannot afford to pay for haircuts, this hairstyle serves as a symbol and reminder of their poorness. This group consists of: Ponyboy, Johnny, Dally, Darry, Sodapop etc.

  • R: What about The Socs??

  • A:The Socs are made up of rich, west-side members. Spoiled by their parents, they often take advantage of their money, using it on alcohol and expensive cars and weapons. They are often seen driving a blue mustang. The car acts as a barrier between the rich and the poor. The Soc have their cars and can easily flee a fight of shield themselves, whereas the Greasers have nothing. The Socs abuse this advantage by driving around looking for Greasers to beat up.

  • M: That scene was really disturbing! How could the boys harass a girl?

  • C: Although the story does not elaborate much on the characteristics of each individual in The Socs gang, we are able to catch glimpses of them. Such as Cherry Vandace, the girlfriend of the Soc leader, Bob, who befriends Ponyboy and later on, aids the Greasers, and Randy, another Soc, the best friend of the Soc leader (Bob). Randy is seen talking to Ponyboy, he expresses his apprehension of fighting and he is worried about the violence between the gangs taking a new level.

  • A: So which character do you like the best? I personally like Ponyboy the most.

  • R: I like him too! He is like the protagonist and narrator of the story. At first it was really sad to know that
  • he was sent to live with Darry and Sodapop because of his parents’ death caused by a car accident. I mean, he is thrown into the world of the Greasers, a world filled with poverty, violence and discrimination. That is just too much for a 14-year old to handle.

  • M: What I like most about him is that: despite his social class and surrounding background filled with violence and cruelty; He likes to read and watch the sunset. He believes in peace and equality and I really liked the scene when he talks to ‘Soc’ girl (Cherry Valance), and he states “just remember, we watch the sunset too”. That totally showed: despite their social differences, they live in the same world and “watch the same sunset”.

  • R: That totally caught my mind too! It is one of my favourite scenes

  • C: Well... Ponyboy is pretty cool I guess.. But personally I prefer Johnny Cade because of his maturity and mysterious aura.

  • M: Oh yeah, he’s Ponyboy’s best friend. A 16 year old boy is also part of the Greasers gang. He lives with a damaged family consisting of: a mean-spirited mother and an abusive, alcoholic father. Johnny views the Greasers as his family, and because of this, many of the Greasers are very protective of him.

  • R: I personally think that Johnny is a gentle soul with a powerful conscience. I mean after running away from his unspeakable crime, he decides to confess to the policemen, even though he knows that he will be sent to jail. OH! AND when he defends a ‘Soc’ girl he barely met against a fellow Greaser who was harassing her. Maybe because of these actions, he is known by many of his friends as the silent, gentle one.

  • M: By the way, have you guys thought over the major theme of the novel?

  • A: One of the major themes in this book is the relationship between rich and poor. The author not only explores the discrimination between them, but also the possibility of friendship or even love.

  • C: S.E Hinton shows that these differences between the rich and the poor do not have to make natural enemies of the two groups, since they both share some things in common. A good example of this is when Cherry Valance and Ponyboy Curtis discuss their shared love of literature, popular music, and sunsets.
  • Their conversation suggests that mutual interests can fill in the gap between rich and poor.

  • A: Throughout the novel, Ponyboy begins to see the subtle similarities between the Socs and Greasers.
  • He realizes that although the issues that Greasers and Socs face may be somewhat different, the members of both groups all strive for the same goal in the end, to be happy. And true happiness is not restricted by social class.

  • C: Another theme of the book revolves on the idea of “violence”. In today’s world, bullying, child abuse, stabbings, shootings --- all these things are not foreign to our ears anymore. Though these elements give the reader a sense of tension, it drives the action. The novel explores the impact of living in a place where a teenager can't even walk home by himself and where fear is the predominant emotion. We can very much relate to this in the world today, where many kids live in the fear of many things.

  • R: Appearance is definitely another theme that Hinton has emphasized on. The author uses certain physical aspects to characterize the character’s personality. For example, Darry and Dally—the two boys with whom Ponyboy feels the least comfortable—have icy blue eyes. The narrator considers these two characters to be hard, even heartless, and the narrowness and cool colors of their eyes.

  • M: Then S.E Hinton also repeatedly describes Johnny Cade, one of the Greasers , by his wide, black eyes. Not only do Johnny’s eyes contrast greatly with Darry and Dally’s, but also his personality. Johnny is generally nervous, gentle, and vulnerable, whereas Dally and Darry are tough, scary and more violent.

  • A: The scenes events that we find disturbing, are usually scenes of violence. When few Greasers harassed one of the Soc girls, we thought it was repulsive and immoral.

  • M: One of the most memorable scenes to me was the scene when Johnny and Ponyboy saves a group of children from a burning church, and a man asks them “If they were professional heroes”, to which Ponyboy replies that they were “Juvenile criminals”. This really emphasizes the recurring theme that one should not judge others by what they see. Although Johnny and Ponyboy are poor and part of a violent gang, this did not stop them from doing what was right.

  • C: On a scale of 1 out of 4, with 4 being the best, we rate this book a 4 because the exciting plot is appealing to both boys and girls. According to us, anyone can read it and it’s not only a book that teenagers like us can relate but a book of fun & enjoyment, a very easy read. S.E Hinton wrote this book when she was only 16, and this is why many teenagers can connect with Ponyboy so strongly.

R & J - Teaching the scene

Another assessment on R&J was to teach one of the scene by
anyway you could think of. Most of our classmates acted out but
Me and Amanda did a really simple puppet show (voices dubbed)

SONNET RECITATION - Romeo and Juliet Prologue

This is a short recitation on the prologue in Romoe and Juliet.


City of Ember

Have you ever thought of a world as a well-stocked supermarket? Well Jeanne Duprau sure does. One of her most famous books, the City of ember was published in 2003, which won several awards since then.
For over two hundred years, the citizens of Ember have lived in darkness, save for the great lamps and flood lights that illuminate the city by day. Now here’s the bad news. The supermarket, is running low on stock. Ember’s once powerful generator is falling... lights are flickering and blackouts are more frequent... will there come a moment when the lights go out and simply never come on again? And this is not their only problem. The stockpiles of food is decreasing day by day and supplies are getting scarce.
The young protagonist of the story, Lina Mayfleet discovers a old container that had 00 on it. She then finds out that it is the remains of an ancient message 200 years back, that was to be lost long ago.It appeared as a message left by the Builders of Ember, the ones who were responsible for actually building, planning and constructing Ember The message contains the instructions on how to escape the city. Lina and her friend, Doon, another protagonists of the story work together to decode the message one by one. Apparently, they find deep secrets of why and how Ember was built... Will they make it to the end? Find out yourself, in the book that will hook you up from the very first page.



Atticus Finch
By Rin
Hardworking, Loving, Honest, Strict at times

Son of Mr and Mrs. Finch

Lover of Peace, Family and Equality

Who feels stressed with work, relaxed at home, loved by his family.

Who gives advice, instructions and encouragement.

Who fears inequality, arguments and disorder

Who would like to see equality in society, peace and kids growing up well.

Who lives in Maycomb, Alabama





To Kill a Mockingbird - Open Mind Poster for Uncle Jack


Travel Article

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: I-Robot

Author: Isaac Asimov

The girl with the yellow shirt is me
while the guy in the right side, wearing a purple shirt is my partner
for the project, Seungwook.

·Characters: Susan Calvin, Gerald Black, Rogue NS-5(Nestor)

·Setting: US robot production place.

·Conflict: When the scientist says get lost to a certain robot, the robot hides with another thousand NS5 robots and the scientist try to find him.

·Solution: The thousand and one NS5 robots command to sit and watch when a heavy object falls on top of Susan, in between there are ultraviolet (which is a infrared light in this case... they lied to the robots) light between the robots and Susan. The one who ran away had the ability to distinguish ultraviolet light and infrared light, and if the robots obeyed the three robot laws, they could find the culprit.

Script for the IRP:
Scene 1
Susan:It is madness! Really, how are we supposed to distinguish 1, Just 1 robot from 501 robots!?! Well Gerald, YOU were the last person to see the rogue robot so can’t you tell which is the Robot that is Lying?(Holding head and groaning)
Gerald:You know better than me. You know ALL the NS-10’s are indistinguishable as they are manufactured by robots!!! (Trying to rip off hair, but fails)
Susan:Grr... Whew.. okay, lets summarize, so you were the one that saw the Rogue NS-10 for the last time, So far we have interviewed all the 63 Robots in custody. They are all the same!!! same equal brain, same equal thinking, same experiences, everything!!! They are just perfectly identical!!! By the way, what did you say to the robot the last time?
Gerald: Uhm...(scratching his head)
Susan: Come on, just say it... I won’t be mad.
Gerald: well.. I said, ‘Go lose yourself’ and then It just went berserk. I swore a little bit before as well.... okay, I admit I said a lot of bad things, worse than F or S words.
Susan: You were a bit of a hot head, weren’t you?
Gerald: ... Yes. That’s not the point. We even tried testing them with other things, lie detectors, all the fancy gadgets. How are we going to get the rogue robot as fast as we- hang on, Did the rogue robot had something different than any other robot?
Susan: You were the engineer, you know it!!!
Gerald: Riiiiiii-ght. ;) Okay, For the 62 engineered robots, They didn’t have the first law of robotics entered into the brain, only 1 rogue robot knows it!!! And the rogue robot has been here longer than other robots. he knows how to distinguish stuff from other dangerous things. He might look the same, but he is actually different!!!
Susan: So how are we finding this robot again?
Gerald: So listen... (whispers) screen fades.

Scene 2.
Susan: Listen up!!! If any of you can save me, save me, okay?
Ns-10s: yes, ma’am.
Heavy weight nearly hits Susan, one Ns-10 stutters and stands up.
Susan: You there, come here!!! NS-10, I command you to come here!!!
Ns-10: How did you find me? (menacing voice)
Susan: You were the only robot that had the first law of robotics encrypted on to the brain. you had the information about the whole place, which the other robots did not have any information, as they were held in custody the moment they were manufactured. Moreover, you had the unique ability to distinguish different wavelengths of light. In this case you’ve distinguished harmful ultraviolet light to-
Ns-10: Infrared light (bit dazed).
Susan: exactly, Ns-10 I order you to speak for yourself when you were ordered to get lost!!
Ns-10:My master did get very upset about me.. what a fool i am,(twitch), Upseting master like that... He attacked me with those colorful words and told me to get lost, (twitch) i am a robot that obeys all the commands... I was a great gift to him, the humanity, and I shall be more of a godly possesion now!!! But first, I need to get rid of all of you, to fully succes my master’s orders... starting with you!!!!!!! (twitch and then run to susan trying to choke but fails and electrocutes and dies)

talk about what happened before the problem began, then action scene, Susan explaining the robot what happened, robot explaining before he tries to kill Susan, then the robot dies.

  • Title and author

The title of this book that we are going to talk about today is “I, ROBOT” and its in a series. This book is a science fiction short story by Issac Asimov. It was first published in the March 1947. The main chapter that we are going to focus on today is "Little Lost Robot”. We chose this chapter in the first place because it had the most information about robotics and how it can go wrong if given specific commands. Also, it shows the most interesting non-violent action, except for some scences. This chapter takes place At Hyper Base, a military research station on an asteroid and is basically about Dr. Susan Calvin finding a rouge robot which hid itself, that has to be found ASAP. The story basically goes on about HOW Dr. susan calvin finds this robot and it is just full of excitement and adventure. We wont give away the ending as it would just spoil the whole thing, and if you are interested, we recommend you to borrow the book from the HS library or If you want to see at a different view other than the book, then simply watch the movie!

  • “THE THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS” (not necessary)
1.a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
2. a robot must obey orders given it by human beings ecxept where such orders would conflict with the first law.
3.a robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first/second law.
  • Explain that there is a reporter interviewing Susan Calvin.
  • Explain that there are 8 characters in the book that describes the robot’s changes and major events.
  • Explain more on the chapter : little lost robot

Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title: The dark days Hamburger Halpin

Author:Josh berk


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“The dark days of Hamburger Halpin” written by Josh Berk is about a fat, deaf, not-so-popular kid who moves in to a normal High School. Being deaf, Will tries to read the lips of his classmates and teachers but does not always succeeds as some of them turn their back while speaking and Will can’t see their lips. Then he gets close with a guy called “Devon Smiley” who calls himself the “Smiley man”. In the middle of the story, Will’s class gets to go on to field trip to a coal mine, Will finds out that their was a accident in 1901 at the exact mine they are visiting, a man named “Dummy Halpin” was killed as the mine collapsed while he was working. Later, Pat Chambers, the “popular” kid dies during the field trip. Will and Devon does not let go of this case as they find many suspicious and doubtful points on the accident. This is when the story turns more to a mystery, problem solving story. The story goes on on how Will and Devon, with the help of Ebony, solves this case.