Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title: Wanted

==Author: Sara Shepard



The story is about 5 girls called Hannah, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Ali. Ali went missing a couple years ago and since then they have been getting texts and notes from a stranger named "A". Through out the story Wanted, the girls get into many conflicts and have to get through things with the 4 of them.

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: The Hunger Games

Author: Suzanne Collins


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Quarter 3 Independent Reading

Quarter 4 Independent Reading

Boo Radley Poster


Open Mind Poster


Original Sonnet

Beloved Mother

By Claire Mulder

Loving holder of my helpless fetus

And a mother of two beautiful girls

Everyday you made sure you could feed us

Treating us like two precious pearls

A hug from her can treat any illness

And the love that she offers is priceless

When I seem to have noticed her stillness

My worries start to suffer a crisis

Seeing her makes me smile no matter what

On my worst days she always cheers me up

Feels my anger like a kick in the butt

And gives me the foam from her coffee cup

She protects me more than a diamond ring

And with her it’s a gorgeous day in spring

Prologue Recitation

Romeo & Juliet, Act 4 Scene 2

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