End of Year Portfolio

As our last assignment of the year, we were asked to make a portfolio presenting six pieces that we wanted to share. I chose a treasure chest theme for my portfolio and I included my introduction letter, travel article, short story, Scarlet Ibis analytical paragraph, exam analytical paragraph and TKaM essay. Above is a video of my oral presentation of the piece that showed my strongest writing: my exam analytical paragraph on The Storyteller by H.H. Munro.

Quarter 4 Independent Reading Project

Title: Clockwork Prince

Author: Cassandra Clare

external image 10025305.jpg

The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare is the second book in the increasingly popular Infernal Devices series. Set in Victorian London, the story revolves around Tessa Gray, an American girl with shape-shifting powers who is whisked into the world of Shadowhunters. Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs are also important characters in the book, as they help Tessa in her quest to find the mysterious "Magister", a man who is supposedly building an army of clockwork people to take over the world. Tessa embarks on a journey of self discovery and discovers the true meaning of love and loyalty.

Here is a video of my group members Eugene, Ariel and I having a literary discussion about the book. We all enjoyed the book and hope more people will want to read it now.

Romeo and Juliet - Debate on the Role of Friar Lawrence

Once we finished reading Shakespeare's famous play Romeo and Juliet, we were asked to form debate teams to discuss whether Friar Lawrence should be held accountable for the deaths in the story or if he was innocent. The debate was organized into an opening statement, rebuttals and a closing statement. I was on the prosecution's side for this debate. You can find the video of this debate below, feel free to watch it.

Romeo and Juliet - Original Sonnet Recitation

Our first assignment for the unit on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was to write an original sonnet and recite either your own sonnet or one of Shakespeare's sonnets in front of the class. I chose to write and recite my original sonnet about my friend Jade, I hope you like it!

To Kill a Mockingbird - Newspaper Project

To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Poster on Atticus Finch

For our character poster, Joon and I did an analysis on the character of Atticus Finch. As well as an image of the poster, a video of our oral presentation can be found below, so feel free to watch it. :)


To Kill a Mockingbird - Open Mind Poster for Uncle Jack

In class, we created open mind posters for a character in order to understand them better. This is the poster I created for Uncle Jack:



Travel Article: Cambodia

For my Project Week trip, I was lucky enough to go to the Kingdom of Cambodia. While there I visited many of Cambodia's temples such as Angkor Wat., Bayon and many of the other notable religious monuments in Angkor Thom complex and the city of Siem Reap. I also took part in community service activities in which we interacted with the very friendly locals of Cambodia. It's a trip I would definitely recommend. Please read my article by clicking below:

Quarter 2 Independent Reading Project

Title: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Author: Louis Duncan



"I Know What You Did Last Summer" by Louis Duncan is a popular suspense/ mystery book written especially for young adults. The book revolves around four teenagers : Barry, Ray, Julie and Helen. Last summer they were involved in a hit and run accident in which the fled the scene without checking to see who their victim was. Now as Julie receives a strange note from and anonymous writer reading "I know what you did last summer." a series of frightening events take place which cause the teens to wonder what happened to the person they ran over last summer and who might have witnessed their accident and is using it against them.

A Video of Our Independent Reading Project for Quarter 2:

Introduction (Jithmi):
For our independent reading project we decided to do three short scenes from the book “I Know What You Did Last Summer” by Louis Duncan. Our first scene is the hook of the story, the second is the introduction of the conflict and our final scene will be the neo-exposition and resolution of the story.
Scene 1: Chapter 5

Ariel: The scene we will be doing first is the most important part of the book as it leads the pathway for the rest of the story. In this scene, four teenagers: Barry, Ray, Helen and Julie are involved in a hit and run. The decision they make at the end of the scene of running away without checking who or what it is they hit proves to be very important as seen in future chapters. However, this scene is a flashback from the previous summer while the rest of the book is set in the present.

Characters: Barry (Joon), Ray (Jithmi), Helen (Jithmi), Julie (Ariel)

ALL: *scream*
Julie: My god! We hit him! :S
Barry: We can’t go back now! What good would that do?
Julie: That little boy, we’ve got to go back and help him
Barry: We’re not doctors, there’s nothing we can do to help him now-
Julie: BUT Barry!
Barry: FINE! FINE! FINE! Let’s vote, we’ll decide that way
Helen: Fine then I vote we leave..!
Barry: I second that
Ray: I..
Julie: Ray! you couldn’t possibly think about leaving him could you?
Ray: Well.. Barry’s my friend.. I.. I don’t know.. I just think..
Barry: So, it’s decided.
Julie: RAY!
Ray: I’m sorry kid I’m sorry
*they leave him*

Scene 2: Chapter 6 (Ariel’s)

Our second scene describes the beginning of the conflict in the story. In this scene, a mysterious masked shooter kills Barry at point blank range. This introduces the rising action and conflict of the story well, because after this incident the characters make it their mission to figure out who the killer is and to see if there is a connection with the hit and run they were involved in.

Characters: Barry (Jithmi), Shooter (Ariel), Friend (Joon)

Friend: Hey Cox! Phone call for you!
Barry: Yea thanks man.. *walks out of room and goes to phone*
Friend: Make it quick Cox, I’ve got a hot night to set up
Barry: Don’t worry it wont be long-- Hello.. Cox here
*talks on the phone* *mumbles*
Friend: MAN if I talked to my girl like that she would shoot me
Barry: *walks to the athletic field outside on the dorms*
Shooter: *approaches barry* *shines flashlight in Barry’s eyes*
Shooter: *Shoots Barry*
Shooter: *runs away*

Scene 3: Chapter 18

Jithmi: Our final scene takes place in the neo exposition of the story, after the killer is finally revealed and the mystery is solved. During this scene, the character of Julie is woken up by her mother and Ray in the aftermath of her final struggle with the masked killer. This is the last scene in the book as well.

Characters: Ray (Joon), Julie (Jithmi), Julie’s mom (Ariel)

Ray: Julie can you speak to us?
Julie: *is on the floor* Ray? Bud-- he was going to *cough*
Ray: SHHSHHSHHSH I know *hand on Julie’s hair* I clobbered him with my flashlight
Julie: Ohh.. *rolls around*
Mom: Are you all right darling?
Julie: Yeah yeah I’m fine
Mom: I don’t understand, what’s happening?
Julie: It’s a long story.. Anyways, Ray! he shot Barry and tried to kill Helen and me, why didn’t he try to do anything to hurt you?
Ray: He did try. He knew the worst thing for me would be to stay alive in the world without you..

Ariel (Concluding Statement): In the end, the killer is clobbered with a flashlight and is left on the floor until the police arrives to investigate the scene, leaving the reader unsure of the character’s fates.

Quarter 1 Independent Reading Project

Title: City of Fallen Angels

Author: Cassandra Clare


The fourth installment of the fantasy series The Mortal Instruments, City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare starts where City of Ashes left off, following the lives of Shadowhunters Jace Wayland and Clary Fray. Now split into three focuses, this book gives newly turned vampire and Clary's best friend Simon a greater purpose and storyline than ever before as well. With Valentine defeated one would think the characters are free of danger right? Wrong. With strange deaths taking place and Simon's life being threatened, Shadowhunters and Downworlders unite to unravel the mysteries arising in the Shadowhunter universe.