Quarter 3 Independent Reading

I read The Time Riders by Alex Scarrow and iam showing it for my irp book for QT3

Project week article:

HI guys, this topic is based on my project week article in where I talk about my amazing trip to the Lombok dive islands where I had the chance to learn how to dive and earn my certificate and dive with the turtles. Here is the link, Check it out

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: Cherub,The recruit

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Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title: Point Blanc

Author: Anthony Howrwitz

The story ....

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Point Blanc:
hello guys my name is Andrej Grupkovic and this is my irp project on Point Blanc, Alex Rider by Anthony Horwitz. THis book is about a boy called Alex Rider who
is a normal average boy at first but things turn the other way when his uncle dies. following his Uncles steps he is dragged into MI6 operation and used as as spy.
In this book, Point Blanc he is on a second mission, his off high in the french alps and what is said to be a boarding school things are much different in the inside.