One Favorite Page in my Portfolio:

Friar Lawrence Debate:

Friar Lawrence, good or bad? Watch the video below to see our opinions.

Quarter 4 Independent Reading Project

Title: Maus II

Author: Art Spiegelman

The video below shows the group discussion between Spencer, Austin, Julian and I about the book Maus II.

Teaching a Scene: Romeo and Juliet - Act 4 Scene 5

Want to see a quick summarized version of Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet? Watch the video!

Quarter 3 Independent Reading Project

Title: Please Don't be True

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Alice has just started her junior year. She had expected everything to be different. She had planned to reinvent herself and she was hoping for a better year. Her mother had died shortly after she was born, so her dad fell in love with one of Alice’s teachers, and they got married.Alice now has to face many problems, but one of them, changes her life forever.


Vietnam Travel Article

Quarter 2 Independent Reading Project

Title: Life on the Refrigerator Door

Author: Alice Kuipers

How would you feel if you found out your mother had cancer? Watch the youtube video to see how Claire dealt with it!


Quarter 1 Independent Reading Project

Title: Endless Summer

Author: Jennifer Echols

This story is about a girl named Lori, who lives with her father and brother and is neighbors with a family of three very 'hot' guys. Since she grew up with guys, she acted a lot like them. But now as she turns 16, she decides that she wants to be noticed by them, especially by the oldest brother, Sean, that she's been crushing on. But the youngest brother, Adam, is not okay with that. This summer, everything changes.