Hello, This is Seungwook's Wiki page and these are my achievements during the English 9 year.

Salvador Dali Interpretation-

List the painting letters and the scenes you think each one depicts on a Google doc (ONE per group) and share with me.

Painting Letter
Act 2 Scene 6, Act 5 scene 3
Act 2 Scene 6
Act 1 Scene 5
Between Act 3 Scene 3 and Act 3 Scene 5

Quarter 4 IRP Discussion-
external image 160px-Farneheit_451.jpg

short summary of plot - AVOID revealing the ending! :)
Andrej: Farenheit 451 by Ray bradbury set place in the future, where books are outlawed for reasons not clearly stated but related to offensive to people. punishment for owning books is your house gets burned down by “firemen” who according to this book will start fires instead of putting them out in the future, the book title fahrenheit 451 is the actual temperature when the books set on fire. The main protagonist, Guy Montag is one of the firemen at work. But his life changes when he meets the young 17 year old named Clarisse McCellan when her family moves next door to him. She sets him to begin to question the way that the future US is after discussing with him how her family is. She also leaves Guy into a deep thought when she asks him “Are you happy?”. A couple days after he meets her he starts to secretly collect books and then he hears that she died in a tragic car accident. This fuels his further research into books and this is where he begins to cause trouble and he begins to get torn apart.

- what are the major theme(s)? how do they connect with your life, if at all?

Animesh: Major Theme: Importance of books, The author thinks that televisions can lead to losing interest in reading books and other social life. The readers can infer this when the readers see that there are three tvs hanging on all the walls of the living room of Montag’s house, and soon realizes what has the world has fallen into when Montag’s boss, Captain Beatty starts talking about the banishment of the books, how films and medias interested the population, and people thinking that books were more bland than the medias, therefore turning critics and english teachers a “Public Enemy no1.”

- what event/action/character did you find strange or disturbing?
Andrew: The whole idea of the story is rather strange, the main characters name of Guy Montag because since we have just finished R+J (yeah) my mind kept changing it to Montague. I severely doubt that in the future or at least the near future books will cease to exist because they are too popular and very common in classrooms. However I do believe that books use will drop.

Seungwook: I think in a very opposite way that you do. Even though it is a known fact that the technology constantly develops, that doesn’t mean they would contribute to any book usages. The constant book readers will, obviously, dislike the way the electronic tech gadgets behave, as it will be a piece of plastic or metal to anyone who adores the textures the book have when flipping the pages, the “smell” of the book, or the satisfaction of gaining information people get from reading books. I think that the future that Guy lives in would be unlikely to happen, as there would be a balance of the tech gadgets and the book readers, not reducing the book usages.

Andrew: What I meant was not that we won’t be reading books but that paper and hard backed books will be losing interest as eBooks will pick up steam. When I said that overall book usage will be reduced is because as we have already seen less people spend time reading than they did 10 years ago and I strongly believe that this is due to the advanced computers and now tablets, smartphones, etc.. I am a huge person for technology as I know you are Wookie so I believe that you agree with me on this part. For example some airlines are removing paper flight manuals and replacing them with specialized iPads. One of the first airlines to make this huge transition was United Airlines and it has only done so recently.

Seungwook:I know, It is true that those tablets would replace some usage, but in a small amount. Some people like me, like the way the books being read, smelling the books and the texture of the book. Some people would be too busy to do that, so they might chose to read with a tech device, but they might choose to read books when they have the time.

- what event/action/character was your favorite and why you like it?
Seungwook: My favorite was when Captain Beatty, which I personally don’t like, explains to Montag how the world became a very hostile place to books, as I could realize how this situation happened, realizing the reason of the crimes inside are not caused by situation, it is caused by people.

- who would enjoy reading it? why?
Andrew: I believe that people who like small novels that are highly intertwined would like it but, honestly I didn’t really like it so can you answer?

Seungwook: Really? Why didn’t you like it?

I am not starting to argue with you, I just want to hear your idea.
Andrew:Not really my type of book and just didn’t really interest me, I couldn’t finish it.

Seungwook:Okay, that’s fine by me. I actually liked the book because it was kind of a sci-fi alternative future story. And thinking about the world without books, it made me shiver and furthermore, amused me. this book would fascinate both the avid book lovers and the media lovers, As this book would show the downsides of medias as well as how books contribute to life and shows how books can be more dynamic than the medias.

Quarter 3 IRP Podcast-
Five minds for the Future by Howard Gardner

To Kill a Mockingbird Newspaper Group Project

Travel Writing
Sugi Island- Wookie

For this Project week, I have gone to the mystical Sugi Island and more to go Jungle Hiking, Camping, Enjoying the quiet outdoors... Read to find more ^^

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: I,Robot
Blurb: Dr. Calvin tries to find the rogue robot which is hiding at the unintentional orders of other doctor, Gerald Black.

Quarter 1 Independent Reading


Author: Henri Charrière

The story .... The story of a real ex-convict who was accused of killing a person and sent to jail. He tries to go out of the Jail by various means and this book features all the ad venture he had during all the escapes and in the prison.