IRP Quarter 4: Book Discussion

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, is discussed by Amanda, Mana, Rin & I! Enjoy the video as we discuss the theme, plot, and characters of the story, as well as our own opinions.

Debate on Friar Lawrence...Guilty or Innocent?

Romeo and Juliet's Friar Lawrence, could he be the one man who is responsible for the couple's death?

Sonnet Recitation: Psychedelic Sky (Original)

The original sonnet that I made, inspired by Shakespeare's beautiful sonnets. Watch the video to see how I recite my sonnet.

Quarter 3 Independent Reading Project: Podcast

Title: Thirteen Reasons Why

Author: Jay Asher

For Q3 IRP, I did a podcast introducing the book "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. The story is about Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide, but makes audio tapes before she took the pills that ended her life. The audio tapes are addressed to people who she believes caused her death. Who are involved? What is going on?

Listen to the podcast I made below! :)

amazing book for teenagers :)

To Kill A Mockingbird- Character Poster: Charles Baker Harris (Dill)

This is the character poster Ben & I worked on! Feel free to watch our presentation :)

Travel Article - Cambodia

I went to Cambodia during my Project Week, and it was an eye-opening experience. Cambodia makes anybody cry in two ways; from sadness and from joy. Both the unappealing and the unattractive are reflected and one can find both standing side by side. Leaving Cambodia does not mean leaving the memories with me too. I am never going to forget the memories of what Cambodia gave me; to drink lots of ice water in the scalding heat, the laughter I had between the Treak Village kids which I now call friends, the flattened ridges of my shoe soles due to the exploring of temples, the scar-leaving bicycle rides, the repulsive yet pleasant taste of the fried cricket, the thunderous sound of the tuk-tuks, the random display of animals hanging loose in the streets, the striking orange, yellow, and brown attires of the monks seen among the dull terrain, the life-changing perspective that the Ton Le Sap Lake reflected, and most of all; the smiling faces of the Cambodians greeting me a simple sunny “Sues’day” (hello), or a despairing but whole-hearted “Li Hai” (goodbye).

Cambodia - by Chelsea

Original Short Story - Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers-short Story Drafting Example

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: Walk Two Moons

Author: Sharon Creech


Walk Two Moons, is an award-winning story by Sharon Creech. It is about 13 year old Salamanca Tree Hill who is trying to solve the mystery of why her mother disappeared and abandoned her so many years ago. She is on a road trip with her grandparents and she tells them about how Phoebe's mother disappeared. Sal realizes that Phoebe's story is similar to her story, and that they have a lot in common. The ending is really surprising and unbelievable.

IRQ2 - Walk Two Moons
P: Pheobe (Emily) S: Salamanca (Chelsea) D: Dad (Amanda)
  • brief summary (Amanda)
-This book is called “Walk Two Moons” by Sharon Creech (award winning)
-We picked this book because we decided it was an easy yet interesting book that we could all enjoy.
- Told in Salamanca Tree Hiddle’s point of view.
- A 13 year old country girl trying to solve the mystery of why her mother left her when she was younger
- In the book, Sal is on a roadtrip with her grandparents, and to pass the time she decides to tell them about her best friend Pheobe and her mom’s disappearance
- realizes that pheobe’s story reflects her own story of her mothers disappearance.

“The book we decided to read is called “Walk two moons” by Sharon Creech. It’s about a girl named Salamanca who is trying to solve the mystery of why her mother left her so many years ago. During the book, Salamanca is on a road trip with her grandparents, and as they are driving she tells them the story of Pheobe and her disspearing mother. While she is telling this story she realizes that hidden in Pheobe’s story is another story about her own mother’s dissapearance.
  • introduce the characters (Emily)
The main character of this story is Salamanca tree hiddle, she is 13 years old and she’s been searching for the reason her mother left her when she was very young. Salamanca’s best friend is Phoebe Winterbottom. Pheobe likes to worry a lot and tends to get scared easily. She is a very dramatic girl and she tends to over-react often.
  • introduce the scene (Chelsea)
-Setting is in: Takes place in Pheobe’s house
- Pheobe’s mom has dissapeared and left 3 notes for her 2 daughters and husband
- Pheobe doesn’t know what to think and starts to freak out.
-Here, we don’t only see the internal conflict of certain characters like Pheobe, but we also see an atmosphere that foreshadows the future events of the book, which, we cannot spoil. There is also an external conflict, which is Pheobe’s mother disappearing in the story.

“The scene we are about to demonstrate is when pheobe comes home to realize that her mom has dissapeared. Her mother has left 3 notes for each family member (pheobe, prudence and the dad) saying that she will be gone for a few days. Pheobe is a VERY worry-some girl so as soon as she realizes that her mother has left her, she starts to freak out.”


S: (knocks on door) Pheobe? PHEOBE? Where are you?! I’ve been looking for you everywhere, where have you been?
P: Quick! Come in
S: What? Oh my gosh, what?! You’re scaring me Pheobe, tell me! Tell me now!
P: (Leads S to table with 3 notes) I opened my note (Show S the note)
S: Where did you find that?! What is that?
P: My mother....she placed these three notes on the table for us to read.
S: (reads it aloud): “Keep all the doors locked and call your father if you need anything. I love you, Pheobe. From Mom” )
S: Pheobe-
P: (Cuts off S from finishing sentence) I know, I know. It doesnt sound terrible or anything. My first thought was that at least she knew I was old enough to be here by myself. I figured she went shopping or something. But then Prudence came home and opened her note.
P & S: (Show S the note and read aloud together) “Please heat up the spaghetti sauce and boil the pasta. I love you Prudence. From Mom”
S: She’s probably just working late...Don’t worry okay Pheobs. Everything’s going to be okay. *pats her shoulder*
P: (Doubtful) I don’t know... I don’t like the sound of this
D: (Walks in) Where’s Norma? Shouldn’t she be cooking dinner?
D: What’s this? (Opens note)
P&S: (Reads dad’s note) “I had to go away, I can’t explain. I’ll call you in a few days, From Norma”
P: Where would she go? A few days? Why wouldn’t she tell us? ... I think we should call the police!
D: Don’t be ridiculous!
P: Im serious! Maybe some lunatic dragged her off!
D: If the lunatic dragged her off, why would he let her sit down and write these notes?
P: He might!
D: This is no time for joking around!
P: We have to save Mom! She could be in danger right now!
D: Okay, that’s enough Phoebe! Let’s just calm down and eat dinner now.
D: (looks at Sal) Oh I didn’t see you there Sal
S: (confused and shocked about the letter) I... I have to go
P: (Walks Sal towards the door)

P: Sal, my mother has disappeared. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell a soul.

  • Why we chose the scene?
- The start of the Rising Action (Not a climax because there is no falling action that follows this scene)
  • Why it is important
- Sal realizes that Pheobe is more similar to her than she thought
- Sal relates to Pheobe’s story and learns of her own mother’s dissaperance by helping Pheobe cope with her mother’s dissapearance.

Final Conclusion:
Chelsea: -Because we found this book amazing, especially when the reader gets to the ending as it is surprising we can recommend this book to anyone of any age. The vocabulary is fairly easy, and it is a simple yet amazing book that will make you laugh and cry.

Quarter 1 Independent Readingthe_last_song.jpg

Title: The Last Song

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Panel 1: Will, Ronnie, and Jonah watched the turtle eggs they have taken care of for so long finally crack into life. Setting: Beach.
Panel 2: They were talking and suddenly their conversation was interrupted by consecutive coughs that was coming from Steve, Ronnie’s dad. Their sight was covered by the horrific visual of his face being covered completely by blood.
Panel 3: ...After a few hours,
Panel 4: Steve was hooked up to an IV in a hospital bed when he told her that he had stomach cancer.
Panel 5: The flashbacks that Ronnie had- her fights with her parents, leaving the piano, never replying her dad’s letters, never replying her dad’s letters. He would never see her get married, and she asked him if he told her to come “so I could watch you die.”
Panel 6: Steve apologizing about how Ronnie had to know like this, and Ronnie replied “Of course I forgive you.” This marks the climax, as it is the decisive point in the story, the turning point where Ronnie changes and the true conflict is exposed.
Panel 7: They hugged, and she cried even harder. Air bubble: The relationship as aliens, strangers.
Panel 8: They discussed even more, and dynamic character of Ronnie was discovered here. She mended her relationship with her dad, knowing that he only have a few period of time to live left.
Panel 9: She left the emergency room with Will and Jonah, the setting changes to the cafeteria, where Pastor Harris offering her a drink.
Panel 10: They had a conversation where Pastor Harris made her realize that her dad loves her so much.
Panel 11: At night, she went back home where Will finds her in the back porch looking over to the beach. She hugged Will and cried in his arms.
Panel 12: The next morning.....
Panel 13: Will and Ronnie discuss the fact that Will was moving for college in a few days, to Vanderbilt.
Panel 14: They broke into an argument when Will told her about what happened last summer, when Scott, Will’s friend started a fire in the church, but nobody knew this, only Will. Will kept the secret for a long time but never told the truth to anyone, which angered Ronnie because the church was Pastor Harris’ life, her Dad’s life. (picture of Will with air bubble and the fire.)
Panel 15: Ronnie said, “GO! You’re leaving anyway, and we’re never going to see each other again. Summers always come to an end. We can talk and pretend all we want, but we can’t change that, so let’s just end it here and now. I can’t handle all this right now, and I can’t be with someone I don’t trust. I don’t trust you, Will. You need to go. LEAVE!” Will stands in the background, shattered into pieces.
Thanks to Emily and Amanda for holding my 10-meter comic strip during the Presentation!