Summary of Chapter 15
After Dill was permitted to remain in Maycomb, A group of men led by Heck Tate-the Sheriff arrived at the Finch's house in the evening regarding the movement of Tom Robinson to the Maycomb jail and the placement date of the trail. Also in addition to that, the idea of an Lynch mob was brought up to discussions, hence the change of venue of the trail. The following evening, at about 10 at night Jem, Scout and Dill follow Atticus into the town center, but decide not to disturb him and return home. As they proceed home, numerous cars drive up to the jail and force Atticus to move away fromt he jail front. As Atticus refuses to move, Scout reveals herself from their hiding place, only to find out it was the same people who had disturbed them the night before. Atticus demands Jem to bring Scout and Dill home and as Jem refuses, one man blurts out that Atticus is given 15 seconds for the children to leave. Then Scout recognizes one man, Mr Cunningham, the father of her classmate Walter Cunningham. She then starts a conversation with him about his legal entailments and asks to tell Walter she says "hey." Mr Cunningham, now feeling ashamed of what he was about to do, crouches down and tells her that he will tell Walter she says "hey" then demands the mob to clear out. As they depart, Mr Underwood, owner of The Maycomb Tribune appears from nearby with a double barrel shotgun and assures him that he was there for him the whole time. After Atticus and Mr Underwood had a chat, which for Scout seemed to never end, Atticus brought the children home.

Character Profiles
In this Chapter a new character, Mr Underwood is introduced. Also new and important characteristics and actions of the importance of Atticus Finch are revealed. Dill and Jem maintain their positions as supporting characters in this chapter, as aspects of Aunt Alexandria are uncovered.


Atticus Finch- In this chapter Atticus plays a huge role. He shows commitment and Equality in his ways of work while protecting Tom Robinson. As Heck Tate informs him on the soon lynch mob at the jail, he does not hesitate on defending his client even though Heck repeats that it's "nothing to worry about." As the mob then approaches the jail, he does not let them pass showing his commitment to his fair trial. Also throughout this chapter, his relationship with Jem has seemed to improve as he "massaged the back of his head" as a sign of affection.

Scout Finch- Scout is mostly used as a supporting character in this chapter. Though at one point she unintentionally talked some sense into Mr Cunningham as he tries to participate in the lynch mobb.

Jem Finch- Great development of Jem's character is shown through this chapter. As he shows his maturity by knowing there is something not right when is father leaves and showing his bravery as he stands up for him. You can also tell he is maturing by the way he acts towards his father and the way he now treats Dill and Scout as he takes leadership and responsibility in his actions.

Mr Underwood- He is illustrated as the editor of Maycomb Times. He seems to befriend Atticus proven when he says "Had you covered the whole time, Atticus" reassuring Atticus that he would have been there if Atticus got in any sort of trouble.

Aunt Alexandria-

Heck Tate- Warns Atticus about the upcoming lynch mob, though doesn't seem to be too concerned about it.

Tom Robinson- Fear is introduced through Tom Robinson in this chapter. As the lynch mob steps away, it is inferred that he had been restless as Atticus tells him to finally get some rest.

Tree house


Monkey puzzle bush


Cherry wine


lemon drops

Lynch Mob: A group of people who wish to kill someone without a trial

Begrudge: to envy someones possession or enjoyment

Prevailed: to succeed, or accomplish

Antagonized: To cause someone to become hostile