Chapter 14



starts with Jem and Scout telling Atticus about their visit with Calpurnia to her Church. Scout asks Atticus if she would be able to go with him to Calpurnias house the next Sunday, instead Aunt Alexandra replies slyly "You may not". When scout starts backtalking and saying she dint ask aunt Alexandra, Atticus makes her apoligise, and tells her to listen to Calpurnia, Himself and as long as Aunt Alexandra is present, her included too. Later that day, she overhears aunt Alexandra and Atticus having a chat about calpurnia with each other, where Atticus tells her that Calpurnia is going to stay and help in the house as long as she wants. He also says that she always took care of the children very well and strictly

After some time, Jemm comes and tells scout to try not to "Antagonize" their aunt. He explains to her that she is busy and Atticus cant take care of everything at the moment since he is worried about and burdened by the Tim Robinson case. When scout goes in her room, in the dark she steps on something soft which moves away. When she calls Jem for assistance thinking its a snake. When Jem made a swipe under the bed, he found out it was not a snake, it was a person. When the person emerged, Jem missed it by and inch and it turned out to be Dill. Dill claimed to have had gotten a father who dint like him and thus locked him up in chains. So dill escaped with a group of people from an animal show, took the train and walked the remaining distance and claimed to have reached their house approximately 2 hours ago.

After Dills recitation of his story, Jem calls Atticus, who calmly tells Scout and Jem to give him more food, tells dill to take a shower and get clean and tells him he will inform aunt Rachel about dills whereabouts and inquire if he would be able to spend the night over at their house.


The impending trial of Tom Robinson and Atticus’s role as his defense lawyer make Jem and Scout the objects of whispers and glances whenever they go to town. One day, Scout tries to ask Atticus what “rape” is, and the subject of the children’s trip to Calpurnia’s church comes up. Aunt Alexandra tells Scout she cannot go back the next Sunday. Later, she tries to convince Atticus to get rid of Calpurnia, saying that they no longer need her. Atticus refuses. That night, Jem tells Scout not to antagonize Alexandra. Scout gets angry at being lectured and attacks Jem. Atticus breaks up the fight and sends them to bed. Scout discovers something under her bed. She calls Jem in and they discover Dill hiding there.

Dill has run away from home because his mother and new father did not pay enough attention to him. He took a train from Meridian to Maycomb Junction, fourteen miles away, and covered the remaining distance on foot and on the back of a cotton wagon. Jem goes down the hall and tells Atticus. Atticus asks Scout to get more food than a pan of cold corn bread for Dill, before going next door to tell Dill’s aunt, Miss Rachel, of his whereabouts. Dill eats, then gets into Jem’s bed to sleep, but soon climbs over to Scout’s bed to talk things over.

After a tough evening fighting with both Aunt Alexandra and Jem, Scout is surprised to find the runaway Dill hiding under her bed.
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"...her needle broke the taut circle (p. 139)."
" 'Scout, try not to antagonize Aunty, hear (p. 140).' "
"Miss Rachel Haverford's excuse for a glass of neat whisky every morning...(p. 141)."
"...the good man pushed a bushel pod by pod through the ventilator...(p. 142)."
"Still in wrist manacles, he wandered two miles out of Meridian...(p. 142)."
"...his infallible sense of direction told him he was in Abbott County...(p. 142)."
" '...the soil erosion's bad enough as it is (p. 143).' "


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