Chapter 12-By Luca and wookie

- Summary

In the chapter 12 of To Kill a Mockingbird we find some new interesting features that we thought we would never over come. First one of the major differences that is clear from the start of the chapter is that Jem is becoming more mature, he is becoming older and having a little sister might not be as much fun anymore. Scout questions Jem's strange ways to Calpurnia and she replies that maybe Scout should stay away from him and not do anything that would annoy him in any way. She suggests maybe playing a few games with Calpurnia instead. Scout receives a note from Dill that tells her that he will not be able to come back to Maycomb County that summer because his mom is getting married to his soon step-father. Some more bad news arrives when their father Atticus FInch must leave to go to a state legislature for 2 weeks. Scout and Jem are saddened now that they can't spend time with their friend and their own father so Calpurnia decides to take them to the black's church she goes to called The First Purchase African M.E. So they go that sunday to the church and are shocked that the church had no hymnbooks. A woman called Lula was very unhappy that the kids showed up, they were two white kids in a all blacks church. From her point of view it is understandable, the kids might be noisy and not caring and also they we're uninvited, but everyone lse in the church was fine with them. The priests speech was much like the one that Scout and Jem heard every sunday with their father. The priest also announces that there will be a collection for Helen, the wife of Tom Robinson, for her rough times. Scout asks the priest after the sermon why Helen Robinson needs the collection and he says that she may have a hard time finding a job now. Scout then goes to Calpurnia and asks why Helen will have a hard time with money and she explains how Tom Robinson was accused of rapping Bob Ewell's daughter. Scout remembers that the Ewell's never go to school and that Atticus calls them them "absolute trash". Scout asks Calpurnia what rape is and Calpurnia refuses to answer, also she follows by the question of why there were no hymnbooks in the church and gets a reply that it was because some people can't read and to make it fair they have none. Scout finds out that Calpurnia once worked at The Landing for Miss Maudie's aunt. Jem notices that Calpurnia uses a different english in church, Jem asks why and she says it would be improper and she would look pretentious. Scout asks if she could maybe go to Calpurnia's house sometime and Calpurnia agrees happily. When they were walking home they find Aunt Alexandra sitting on their porch.

- Analysis

- By having Dill leave the story and then not be able to come back for summer tells us that maybe the childhood games and aspects in the story are fading. Scout will probably soon grow up and become more mature like Jem is doing in this chapter.

- Lula is unpleased that the kids were brought to the black church, this chows that maybe racism may be going both ways, for example if two black kids walk into a church back then with all white people then there would be a few frowning faces.

- Tom Robinson is in jail now, and he is there because people thought that the rumors were true and Bob Ewell's daughter was actually violated by Tom Robinson. Even if they were true the Ewell's are said to be the least caring people on the street, and this means that people that live in Maycomb county would side with the Ewell's rather then a black person that might be innocent. There would never be any hope for Tom Robinson it was obvious that he was going to jail.

Character Profile

Calpurnia - In this chapter we find that Calpurnia is actualy a very nice and very caring character (and that she has a son called Zeebo), she sees that Scout is down because her friend is not coming back to Maycomb and also her dad is gone for the next 2 weeks. She did not want them going to sunday church by them selves so she decides to bring them to her church for some more company.

Scout - Scout has become a bit more aware that Jim is changing and learns more about black cultur and how they are not very differnet to white people and how there church is the same. I think that the author has added that the churches were the same and the sermon was the same to show that maybe white and black people are actually tyhe same and should not live seperate or against eachother.

Jem - Jem has shown many traits of change during this chapter, first he is actaully starting to think that Scout is annoying and that games aren't as fun as they used to be for him. Im sure Jem wants to be old but at the same time is still a little boy inside and wants to play. Also the fact that Calpurnia calls Jem, Mister Jem, shows that Jem is to be taken more seriously now that he is bigger.

Chapter 12 takes place mainly around or inside the negros' church and around Scout's House.

Pics about the Chapter
external image parasite_tapeworm.jpg
Tapeworm:A parasitic flatworm that lives in the intestine of humans and other vertebrates. Nothing to do with "sudden increase of food consumption".
"Recon he's got a Tapeworm?"- Pg.115
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Montgomery Advertiser: Daily Newspaper located in Montgomery, Alabama. It was founded in 1829, making the Jakarta Post a new newspaper compared to it (1983).
We were surprised one morning to see a cartoon in the Montgomery Advertiser above the caption...- Pg.116

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Shadrach: One of the three people who were known by there exclusive devotion to god. They were saved by a Babylonian execution process of being burned alive in the furnace.
Brought forth Eunice Ann saying she didn't want to play Shadrach anymore...-Pg. 117

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Hymn Book: A book that stores religious songs specially written for payers, purpose of praise or adoration, typically addressed to deities. Churches often sing songs from this book.

"Where are Hymn-Books?"-Pg.120
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Blackstone's Commentaries: Full name is Blackstone's Commentaries on the laws of England. It is an influential treatise on the common law, having four volumes on different topics.
"What was the book, Cal?" I asked.
"Blackstone's Commentaries."-Pg.125

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This is the collection that is used to in the Calpurnia's "colored" church. People put money in this bowl to help out people such as Mrs. Robinson through her rough times.
Page 122, To kill a mockingird