Amanda and Mana

Chapter Summary

This chapter starts with Scout telling us about her father, Atticus.
Atticus, Scout says, is somewhat older than most of the other fathers in school. He wears glasses and just reads in the living room instead of hunting and fishing like the other men in town. Even if his son, Jem wants to play the football with him, he always passes up softly. Scout and Jem think it is because he is getting old and feeble and they are somewhat ashamed of this. However, one day, a mad dog, Tim Johnson appears and limping down the main street. Calpurnia sends Jem and Scout inside to protect them from the mad dog. A few minutes later, Atticus and the sheriff, Mr. Tate appear with a rifle. The sheriff hands the rifle to Atticus, saying that Atticus is much better than him. Atticus walks out to he middle of the street and shoots the dog as it lunges. Jem and Scout are in shock as they watch their "feeble and old" father kills a dangerous, mad dog. Miss Maudie then tells Jem and Scout that Atticus did really well at everything especially shooting. People called him “One-shot Finch.”Scout is eager to talk around about it, but Jem tells her to keep it a secret, because if Atticus wanted them to know, he would have told them. Scout and Jem realize that Atticus doesn't shoot or go hunting because he chooses not to. Jem proudly exclaims "Atticus is a gentleman just like me!"

“Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for us to enjoy . . . but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.” (p.90) by Miss Maudie

"Atticus is a gentleman just like me!" (p.99) by Jem Finch


The setting of this book is Maycomb County. This chapter mostly takes place on the street in front of the Finch's house.


Character Profile

Jem Finch: Jem is a very determined person. He is very daring young man who loves football. Jem is very proud of his father and he looks up to Atticus. This is evident when he exclaims "Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!"
Scout Finch: Scout is Jem's younger sister. She is convinced that Atticus is too "feeble and old" to do anything, and that he isn't like other dads because he doesn't work in a garage, or drive a dump truck. At the end of the chapter Atticus proves her wrong when he shoots down a dog. Miss Maudie then tells Scout that Atticus used to be known as "One-shot Finch"
Miss Maudie: Miss Maudie tries to convince her that Atticus is not old, and feeble like Scout thinks. She informs Scout that Atticus can do many things, such as play the Jew's harp and play checkers. Scout is still not convinced Atticus is capable of doing anything, until she sees him shoot down a mad dog. Miss Maudie then tells Scout and Jem that Atticus has the best shot in Maycomb County and that he used to be called "One-Shot Finch"
Atticus Finch: In this chapter, Atticus proves himself to Scout and Jem, by shooting down a mad dog. Scout and Jem learn that Atticus is actually able to do many things, but chooses not to because he is too much of a gentleman. Atticus feels that he has an unfair advantage against nature because of his skill to shoot things.
Mr. Heck Tate: a sheriff in Maycomb Country. He knew that Atticus is very good at shooting even better than the sheriff, himself. When the mad dog came to the street, he asked Atticus to shoot it instead of him.
Tim Johnson: Mr. Harry Johnson's dog. In this chapter, it is described as a mad dog.

Photo Bank

Checker Board
"Well did you know he's the best checker player in this town?" (p.90)

Dump Truck
"Atticus did not drive a dump truck for the country" (p.90)

Air Rifles
"When he gave us out air rifles Atticus wouldn't teach us to shoot" (p.90)

Bluejays & Mockingbirds
"Shoot all the bluejays you want, but remember, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird" (p.90)


Corn cribs
"They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corn cribs" (p.90)
wire-cribs-winter.jpg A_Corn_Silo.jpg

Jew's Harp
"Did you know he can play the Jew's Harp?" (p.91)
jewsharp.jpg jaw-harp-sm.jpg

"I'll be in my azaleas and can't watch you" (p.91)

Laundry Hamper
"...consisting of a tire, an orange crate, the laundry hamper..." (p.91)

Mobile bus
"Tim Johnson was the property of Mr Harry Johnson who drove the Mobile Bus" (p.92)

Telephone hook
"She rattled the telephone hook"


Lumber Jacket
"He wore boots with shiny metal eye holes, boot pants and a Lumber Jacket" (p.94)

"He took a pitchfork from the back of the garbage truck" (p.98)

New Vocabulary

Attribute: to designate or consider as belonging to, assign
"With these attributes, however, he would not remain as inconspicuous as we wished him to" (p.89)

Inconspicuous: likely to escape notice, not obvious, not easily seen
"With these attributes, however, he would not remain as inconspicuous as we wished him to" (p.89)

Mausoleum: a large building housing a tomb or tombs
"...king enough to burn down that old mausoleum of mine" (p.90)

Peril: serious and immediate danger
"I thought I'd better warn you. You're in considerable peril" (p.91)

Erratically: not in regular pattern or movement; sudden, unpredictable
"He walked erratically..." (p.93)

Vain: producing no results
"Calpurnia pounded on the door in vain" (p.94)

Foliage: plants or leaves
"...but he was not playing or sniffing on foliage" (p.95)

Vehemently: strong feeling; passionate
"Atticus shook his head vehemently" (p.95)

Jubilantly: expressing happiness
"Jem picked up a rock and threw it jubilantly..." (p.99)

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