Travel Article

I went to Nepal for project week and here is my travel article

Original Short Story

Here is my short story

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

I read an autobiography Schapelle Corby, by Schapelle Corby, and talked about the summary of the book and why my 3D object represented the book.


Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title- Boost

Author- Kathy Mackel


About Author- Kathy Mackel is an American author and is a screenwriter for Disney, Showtime and Fox. She is famous for the Disney movie 'Can of Worms'.

==About the book: It is about a 13-year-old girl called Savvy who has raw natural talent for basketball, with a perfect 3-point shot that she hardly misses which helps her make the 18+ basketball team. One day after a basketball game, someone found drugs in her bag. Savvy says she is innocent, but did someone risk Savvy's basketball career for their own life?