Mrs. Caroline Art:


Kat and I did this open-mind activity on the minor-character Mrs. Caroline in the novel "To Kill A Mockingbird".
Travel Article

I went to Vietnam for a five day school trip. In my travel article i talk about the foods and flavors of Vietnam. It was a great trip.

Group Independent Reading Project

We did our Independent Reading Project on the illustrated novel, V for Vendetta. Here are our group members and a skit of two of our favorite scenes in the book.

Quarter 1 Independent Reading


Title: Shattered
Author: Eric Walters

The story ....

"Shattered" by Eric Walters, is a story of hope. When a upper class boy is forced to do community service at a soup kitchen he learns about how lucky he is and the troubles that he has gone through are nothing compared to what the people he is feeding go through every day. He meets an ex-military man named Jack and throughout the story you learn about his dark past, but what can the main character do to help?