Jeremy Finch by: Zinzan Newton
Courageous, determined, loyal, daring,
Son of Atticus Finch,
Lover of adventure, adrenaline, and football
Who feels the need to be brave when doing dangerous activities, scared when he does something wrong, and always curious about the mysteries of Boo Radley,
Who gives advice to his sister, happiness to Dill and Atticus, and gives respect to Calpurnia,
Who fears getting in trouble by Atticus, not being able to play proper football, and the rumors of Boo Radley,
Who wants to see respect, loyalty, and wants someone that is keen for adventure,
Who lives in small quiet county called Maycomb County
Jeremy Atticus Finch by Shreyas P
Jeremy AtticusDaring, Protective, Level-headed, Athletic
Son of Atticus the lawyer
Lover of football, adventure, and his sister
Who feels upset when reprimanded, nervous when dared, angered at injustice
Who gives care, protection, and guidance
Who fears embarrassment, unfair punishment, and not being able to play football
Who would like to see Tom Robinson walk free, himself become successful, and his sister satisfied
Who lives in the small county of Maycomb

Carlee Peterson
Impolite, concerned, literate, priss
Daughter of Atticus Finch
Lover of reading, writing, acting out plays
Feels bothered when the boys try to get “Boo” to come out, feels flustered when Ms.
Caroline says she is not to read or write anymore and feels furious with her cousin
when he makes fun of scouts father.
Gives support and Respect
Fears “Boo” and Calpurnia
Would like to see “Boo” come out of his house
Lives in Maycomb County, Alabama.
Jean Louis Finch by Mana K
confident, intelligent, thoughtful, good
Daughter of a lawyer and Grahman
Lover of playing with Jem and Dill, having fun, studying with Atticus
Who feels angry when it is outrageous, guilty when she does anything with "wrong way", bored when she is at school
Who gives brightness, ingenousness
Who fears Boo, "the world would come to an end"(snow)
Who would like to see more adventure, more light, more world
Who lives in justice and is loved by family in Maycomb town
Walter Cunningham By Wookie Chung
Cute, Helpful, Shy, Quiet
Son of Walter Cunningham Sr.
Lover of syrup, hunger-less days, and his dad
Who feels guilty, happy and enthusiastic when he joins the Finches for dinner
Who gives sympathetic feelings, feelings of humanity, and joy inside human minds
Who fears famine, getting out of business and not finishing first grade
Who would like to see a hearty meal, joyful days and good harvest
Who truly lives in a bog, but his happiness lives on
Scout Finch by Chelsea Ng
Tomboy, Outspoken, Valiant, and Bright
Daughter of Atticus Finch
Lover of reading, chewing gum, and family
Who feels enraged when her dad is traduced, fear when it snowed in Maycomb for the first time, and contentment every time she is dismissed from school
Who gives bruises to people who insults her father, friendship to many, and Dill a place to stay when he runs away
Who fears Boo Radley before she gets to know him, the fact that she has to wear dresses and play with teacups, a pitch-black Halloween night
Who would like to see Tom Robinson go free, equality in the society, and Atticus proud of her
Who lives on the main street in Maycomb, Alabama
Scout FInch by Ariel
Impolite, Cautious, Caring, Curious,
Daughter of Atticus Finch,
Lover of reading, gum and Dill,
Who feels like she's being watched and feels guilty when she disobeys Atticus,
Who gives remarks, compliments and her care,
Who fears Boo Radley, her family getting hurt and being scolded by Calpurnia,
Who would like to see the movie Dracula, the person who is giving them the goodies and Nathan Radley not cementing they tree,
Who lives in a little townfolk city called Maycomb County,
Jem by Andrew M.
Positive, Creative, Daring, Bold
Atticus, Lawyer
Adventure, Books, Football
Sadness, Loss, Enjoyment
Friendship, Advice, Help
Losing Scout/Atticus, Losing a bet, Boo Radley
Outside of Maycomb, Truth, His Mother
Maycomb, Alabama
Atticus Finch
By Rin
Hardworking, Loving, Honest, Strict at times

Son of Mr and Mrs. Finch

Lover of Peace, Family and Equality

Who feels stressed with work, relaxed at home, loved by his family.

Who gives advice, instructions and encouragement.

Who fears inequality, arguments and disorder

Who would like to see equality in society, peace and kids growing up well.

Who lives in Maycomb, Alabama

Scout Finch by Amanda Su
Brave, smart, young, fiesty
Daughter of Atticus Finch
Lover of books, cracking bread, Dill
Who feels guilty when disobeying Atticus,
Who fears to see her family get hurt,
Who would like to see Boo Radley’s face
Who lives in a house in Maycomb
Jem Finch by
Animesh S
Daring, Fun, intellgent and innocent
Son of Atticus
Lover of Ms caroline fisher, life and School
Who feels for airguns, mckingvirds and Scout
Who gives games, hobbies and plays
Who fears Boo Radlyey Ms dubose and
Who lives in May Comb County Us
Jem Finch by
Andrej Grupkovic
daring, eldest, innocent, positive about life, cynnical
Son of Atticus Finch
Lover of tormenting Boo Radely, LIfe and his town
Who feels for Scout, Dill and Atticus
Who gives games, hobbies and plays
who fears Boo Radely, His father knowing the truth and Mrs Dubose
Who would like to see Boo Radely’s face, His father in a court room and all the things of Atticus previous life.
Who lives in Maycomb County, Alabama, United States
Atticus Finch by
Craig Simpson

Committed, careful, old, fair

Son of Mr and Mrs Finch

Lover of justice, law, fairness and equality

Who feels just, proud, careful, and truthful

Who gives advice, direction, instructions

Who fears, inequality, evil, criminals,

Who would like to see everyone fair, just and equal

Who lives in Maycomb county

Jean Louis "Scout" Finch by Nick Hunt
Jean Louise
Smart, Innocent, Confident, Thoughtful
Daughter of Atticus
Loves overalls, climbing trees and getting in fights
Who feels concerned about mankind, peoples intentions, being fearful
Who gives thought about everything, good intentions to actions, bad experience
Who fears for mankind, Atticus, evil
Who would like to see world peace, no problems, no discrimination
Who lives in Maycomb
Miss Maudie Atkinson by Jon Wakefield
Miss Maudie by Jon W

Miss Maudie
Outgoing, friendly, funny, unusual, stubborn
Lover of cake, gardening, cooking, and children
Who feels understanding, love, friendship, loyalty
Who fears nothing but fear itself
Who gives advice to children, cake and food to younger ones, snow
Who would like to see equality and fairness in the world
Who lives on the main street in the quite old town of Maycomb

Atticus Finch
Jee Ooung Hong
Hard working, Loyal, Loving, Humorous
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Finch
Lover of Family, Job, checkers, friends
Who feels Loved, special, Joyful
Who gives care, Love, Interest
Who fears unfair punishment, Child becoming bad, Child Doing bad in school
Who would like to see Child grow up, Less people in Crime
Who lives in the small county of Maycomb
Jean Louis "Scout" Finch by Kate Molinero
Tomboyish, aggressive, literate, adventurous
Daughter of Atticus Finch
Lover of reading, learning new things and Dill Harris
Who feels left out, lonely and skeptical
Who gives love to her brother, respect to her father and attitude to Calpurnia
Who fears The Radleys house, getting caught and Boo Radley himself
Who would like to see face of Boo Radley, Giver of the gifts in the tree and crackled bread
Who lives in a small town named Maycomb, Alabama a town of strong racist to blacks and southern hospitality
Louise Finch
Jean Louis Finch

By: Jenna Cordisco
Stubborn, Adventures, Proud, Wise
Daughter of a lawyer
Lover of Life, books, and old dill-summers
Who feels fear passing the Radley’s, content at Miss Maudie’s and eye-opening on a certain front porch
Who gives a fist for a Taunt, cautious words, and young wisdom
Who fears for her father, for her brother and mockery
Who would like to see Equality, her family safe, and a movie
Who lives in a town fast changing in her eyes

Eun Jee (Eugean) Chang
Biopoem about Jem:
magnanimous caring adventurous benevolent
son of Atticus Finch
lover of his sister, Scout
who feels calm disappointed excited
who gives comfort advice
who fears getting in trouble
who would like to see Boo Radley
who lives in the small town of Maycomb

Biopoem about Scout:
Jean Louise
insubordinate persistent quarrelsome smart
daughter of Atticus Finch
lover of reading writing books
who feels embarrassed confused ashamed
who gives
who fears
who would like to see
who lives in the small town of Maycomb