<Sonnet Recitation>

Romeo and Juliet sonnet recitation

<Portfolio oral presentation>

For this simple oral presentation, we were supposed to tell one of our favorite page to tell. I talked about the mos important piece to me which was the Travel article.

<QT4 Independent reading>

For the QT4 Independent reading, our group read about "Maus1". We did a presentation talking about the book.

<Friar Lawrence debate>

We did the debate about Friar Lawrence.

<QT3 IRP Podcast>

"The boy in the striped pyjamas" By: John Boyne

The book "The boy in the striped pyjamas" is the most famous story written by, John Boyne. This book is about two boys living in the period of WorldWarII.


For the <To kill a mockingbird> character analysis poster, me and my partner, Jithmi did a poster on Atticus.

<To kill a Mockingbird Biopoem>

Jean Louise-
domestic, disrespectful, active, thinkful
Daughter of Atticus Finch
Lover of family, chasing or following Jem around, reading with Atticus
Who feels pride about Atticus defending a negro, scared when passing Boo Radely's house, surprised when seeing Dill under the bed
Who gives a smile, joy, energy to others
Who fears Boo Radely, the promise she made with Atticus would break because of her, Aunt Alexandra
Who would like to see Boo Radely, Atticus winning the court for Tom Robinson
Who lives in Maycomb county

<Biopoem about me>

kind, tall, active, skinny
Son of Gaecheon Bae, and Myeongsook Jeon
Lover of sleeping, games, sports
Who feels happiness, joy, sadness when being with friends or family
Who gives joy, energy, excitement to others at times
Who fears ghosts, parents, tests
Who would like to see friends, more of the world, my homecountry
Who lives in Indonesia, Jakarta

The Place for New Experience: China

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title:I know what you did last Summer

Author: Lois Duncan

High school senior Julie James receives a mysterious note from an elusive stalker that says "I know what you did last summer!", the note reminds her of the previous summer when she and her friends, Ray, Barry and Helen, killed a ten year old boy on a bicycle in a hit-and-run accident, and they make a mission to find who is this person and to find out how this person knows their hit-and-run incident.


Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title:The Wednesday Wars

Author: Gary D. Schmidt

The story ....This story is about Holling HoodHood a 7th grader, this year there are many events that Holling have to get over with. For instance, doing a Shakespeare play, taking the role of Ariel the fairy. There are many things that Holling has to get through and he does it with some unexpected help.