Travel Article

This is the link to my Travel Article about my project week trip to Australia.

Original Short Story

This is the link to my Short Story called "< 3 Knocks"

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

I read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen and talked about an important scene using a puppet show as my visual aid.


Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title: City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare was born to American parents in Tehran, Iran. She has trekked through the Himalayas as a toddler, living for months in her father's backpack, and has lived in Switzerland, France and England. 'City of Bones' was her first novel.
external image City+of+Bones.jpg
'City of Bones' is the story of 16 year old (halfway through the book) Clary Fray, who, after discovering that she has "The Sight" and meeting a mysterious golden haired boy, Jace Wayland, finds out that she is a Nephilim, or Shadowhunter. She, along with Jace, his adoptive siblings Alec and Isabelle Lightwood, and Clary's best friend Simon, try to unravel her past, and try to save Clary's mother, who has been taken by good-shadowhunter-gone-bad, Valentine.

'City of Bones' is the first installment in the 'Mortal Instruments' series, followed by 'City of Ashes', 'City of Glass', and the upcoming novel 'City of Fallen Angels', which focuses more on Simon, Clary's best friend.