Travel Article

This is the link to my Travel Article about the Terra Cotta Warriors

Original Short Story

This is the link to my Short Story called "The Briefcase"

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

I read The Accidental Billionaires by Robert Mezrich and talked about the Plot using a time line as my visual aid.


Quarter 1 Independent Reading

The Bourne Identity


´╗┐Author- The author of this book is none other that the famous Robert Ludlum. Mr. Ludlum specializes in spy, mystery thriller novels, with unexpected twists and endings. He is born and raised in the city of New York. His novels mainly focus on one crusading individual (in this case Jason Bourne) or a group of crusaders in a struggle against powerful adversaries whose intentions and motivations are evil. His Books are thrilling nevertheless, impossible to put down.

Book- Jason Bourne, He has no past nor may he have a future. His bullet ridden body fished from the medditeranean, this is not the only time he escapes death.