English 9 Portfolio

For our last project, we had to make a portfolio which includes 6 of our favorite pieces and write reflections on each of the selected pieces. Then we had to write an overall reflection for the whole portfolio and why we chose the theme we did. After the completion of our portfolio, we also had to ask our friend and parent to write a reflection paragraph about our work.

I chose the theme dreams for my portfolio. The pieces I chose were my travel article, TKaM essay, TKaM comprehension test, short story, dinner party rewrite and a letter to Mrs. Mirecka.

Here I present my favorite page in the portfolio and my reason for liking that page the most.

IRP 4-- Book Discussion

Title: Clockwork Prince

Author: Cassandra Clare

Partners: Jithmi and Eugean

For our IRP QT4 presentation, we had to read a book and discuss it with out groups. We had the choice to pick our group and I chose the partners too. The book we did is the second book in a trilogy, the infernal devices.


Tessa doesn't know who she is-- all she knows is that her brother is missing and isn't on her side anymore. She is collected by Charlotte, the head of the Shadow Hunters institute in London. There she makes friends Jem and Will. Slowly, Jem, Will and Tessa are creating a love circle. However, Charlotte needs their help when Henry, another member in the institute, wants to steal her spot as leader. Their mission is to find Magister in a week, unfortunately, if they fail their mission, Charlotte will be overpowered by Henry and the institute of London will never be the same again. Of course there's another problem. Tessa's brother keeps trying to persuade her to join the dark side and fight for the bad guys. Tessa is conflicted and doesn't know whether to help the Shadow hHnters institute of London, or join her brother and Magister and destroy the Shadow Hunters forever.

Romeo and Juliet Debate

For this project, we had to debate whether the Friar Lawrence was guilty or innocent-- in this debate, I had to defend the Friar and that he was not guilty.

Sonnet Recitation

For our sonnet recitation, we had to memorize and recite a sonnet. We had the choice of picking one of the three-- our own sonnet that we made, the Romeo and Juliet prologue or another sonnet by William Shakespeare. I chose to recite the prologue. Enjoy! :)

Each person had the chance to redo their recitation only ONE more time. So here is my second try.


Title: Pretty Little Liars

Author: Sara Shepard

For our IRP this quarter, we had to do a podcast on a book we read. I picked the first book in a series of the pretty little liars

Bio Poems

For homework we had to make two poems that follow the form:

[First name]
[Four characteristics that describe the person]
Son/ Daughter of [parent's names]
Lover of [3 things this person likes]
Who feels [3 things he/she feels when or where something happens]
Who gives [3 things the person likes to give]
Who fears [3 things the person fears]
Who would like to see [3 things the person would like to see]
Who lives [where they live]
[Last name]

We were assigned to write one on ourselves and another on a character from the book, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. I picked Scout.

1) Ariel,
Energetic, Playful, Talkative, Michevious,
Daughter of Evy and Aldrin Tando,
Lover of bubblegum, music and photography,
Who feels panicked when she forgets to do her homework, sad when movie characters cry and excited when she gets good grades,
Who gives smiles, hugs and trust,
Who fears horror movies, scary insects and death,
Who would like to see an uncorrupted Indonesia, no wars and a pollution-free world,
Who lives in the capital island of the archipelago of Indonesia,

2) Scout
Impolite, Cautious, Caring, Curious,
Daughter of Atticus Finch,
Lover of reading, gum and Dill,
Who feels like she's being watched and feels guilty when she disobeys Atticus,
Who gives remarks, compliments and her care,
Who fears Boo Radley, her family getting hurt and being scolded by Calpurnia,
Who would like to see the movie Dracula, the person who is giving them the goodies and Nathan Radley not cementing they tree,
Who lives in a little townfolk city called Maycomb County,

Character Profile Project

Character: Dill (Charles Baker Harris)

Partners: Jenna

In this project we had to make a character profile on one of the characters in the book, 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.


Travel Article

The moment I stepped into Cambodia, I knew I had to write about my time there. Also following our grade 9 English curriculum, this travel article based on 6 days in Cambodia shows half of the time we spent there while we were touring.

My Short Story

Here is my short story about something you would never expect to read.

Short Story Draft #8 ‘The Chocolate Muffin’

October 25th, 2011

Sitting in Physics 101, nothing seemed to entertain me. Not even the three minute video of our uvulas appeared to have any effect on keeping me awake. It was no use, every class I fall asleep, and every class Mrs. Susan catches me. It was as if she wanted to purposely drive me into slumber, only to apprehend me in the end.

This school is full of such wicked teachers, and one day, they will have their turn. The evil blob of teachers who all hate me, they will pay one day, they will pay.

Trying my best to refocus on the video, I see the uvula dancing its way to the front and back of the mouth. The huge blob of meat and saliva flails around while the flashlight is slowly removed. Without the light to show the uvula’s true colors, the uvula looks like a half eaten chocolate muffin, one that had been invaded by a handful of chocolate chips that were really bruises. Continuing its dance routine, the uvula spun around and around coming closer to our faces, spinning and jumping until eventually..

“Arthima! Look out!” I tried to scream, knowing in truth that it was all too late.

The blob then turned to me, burping louder than I’ve ever heard anyone burp before, sending an instant message to my brain, “RUN, WOMAN, RUN!!!”. And so I ran, as I sped through the hallways, the only feeling I had was fear, my face paralyzed in a horrifying panic-stricken expression. Running as far away as I possibly could, I pushed myself to move faster.

Energy coursed through my muscles and my veins, full with adrenaline, it gave me courage and strength. Feet cycling in mid-air, I felt confident, realizing I had the energy to face this beast. Decreasing in speed, I came to a stop. I spun around to face the blob, looking into it’s eyes, red and reflective, as it glistened in the evening light of the sun.

There was only one thing left to do... eat it. I ran towards it with all my might, mouth open. If this didn’t work, then I guess it would be the end.

“AHHHHHHH!” I scream, as I moved towards it, taking as huge a bite as I possibly could of the muffin tasting blob. I kept eating, and when I was finished, all that was left was a third of the muffin. As I stood above of the remains of the muffin, my shoulders relaxed, knowing that I had nothing left to worry about. Standing proudly, one foot on the remains of the cupcake, I pointed into the air yelling, “Ash! Ash!”..

‘What?’ I thought. My vision going blurry.

“Ash! Ash! ASHLYNN!” I heard the voice repeat. It was followed by the snapping of fingers.

“Mmmm,” I mumbled, only to find myself in an empty classroom.

“I see you had fallen asleep again?” Mrs. Susan retorted, hands on her hips. “No matter, I just hope you try your very best for your exams tomorrow”

“EXAMS?!” I nearly shouted, my voice caught in my throat, my head was throbbing just thinking about it. Had I really missed the last lesson of the unit? I don’t know even half of the lesson and I fall asleep?! I was regretting everything now.

Still caught up in my thoughts, Mrs. Susan interrupts me as she remarks, “Yes exams, so you better start studying missy, and don’t be late”

“Yes, miss,” I answer quickly turning to leave the room.

“Now off you go,” she directed, her eyes staring into the class computer.

I said nothing. But, as I walked out the door, I whispered in a tone harsh as unpolished wood, “Don’t worry, when you turn into a muffin, we won’t have exams. But as you wish.” Then I started out of the room and into the hot May afternoon. The sun as red and reflective as the eyes of the monstrous muffin, its eyes staring right into my very soul.

(PS: hope you enjoyed it)

Quarter 2 Independent Reading

Title: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Author: Lois Duncan

Partners: Jithmi and Joon

The Story: If you're lucky, you're secrets may buried, but other times, you may not be so lucky. One night, four high school students were messing around and had a lot to drink, but that night something happened, and their whole life seemed to change.


Quarter 1 Independent Reading

Title: The Red Pyramid

Author: Rick Riordan

The Story: As evil Egyptian God Set tries to rule over the world, the Kane siblings try to stop him. With the help of Bast and their other wizard friends, they come across many past enemies, saving the world from any further mayhem and destruction.